Georgia Medicaid

Alliant GMCF is a division of Alliant Health Solutions, a family of companies that provides professional services supporting the effective administration of health care programs and funding to support health care improvement initiatives. Since 1970, Alliant GMCF has worked to improve healthcare delivery. We provide public and private organizations the services, expertise and information systems necessary to ensure cost-effective, efficient and medically necessary care. Our employees understand the ever-changing healthcare environment and work with our clients to create tailored solutions.

With a large panel of practicing physicians, pharmacists, dentists and allied health professionals representing over 65 specialties, we provide a comprehensive approach to managing populations and program services--keeping in line with current evidence-based standards of care and clinical guidelines. Alliant GMCF has continuously served the Georgia Medicaid program since 1972 providing a vast scope of professional health care services.

  • Utilization Management services ensure appropriate allocation of resources through evaluating the medical necessity and appropriateness of services. This includes prior authorization and concurrent and retrospective reviews, utilization trend analysis, and medical policy consultation.
  • Program Integrity services ensure program compliance and appropriate payments, including fraud and abuse detection analysis; onsite program compliance audits, surveillance and utilization review studies and record reviews; and provider education to improve compliance. 
  • Quality Improvement services focus on improving the care and health of the populations we serve. This includes quality improvement projects; program evaluation and consultation; HEDIS data collection and analysis; and provider education.
  • Medical Review services are performed at Alliant GMCF, averaging more than 600,000 medical reviews conducted each year.